Picture of Kaja Erika Jorgensen

My love for jewellery began as a young child, on a visit with my grandmother to her goldsmith’s house in rural Germany. I was immediately intrigued by the spirit of collaboration, the emphasis on tiny details and, of course, the glowing gold creations surrounding us. After studying design and art history for many years, I started designing jewellery almost by accident after searching far and wide for a wedding gift that perfectly suited a close friend. The resulting piece, the Stars Colliding charm, became the foundation of everything I have designed since. It still captures the essence of what I want to communicate through my work; unfussy, impactful fine jewellery that is produced in true collaboration with my clients so as to offer talismanic properties for the wearer, with a patina that grows even more beautiful over time. This intimate process is central to everything we do, and extends to our production which takes place locally in Toronto. The resulting pieces are what I call fine jewellery with character.

xx Kaja