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Kaja Erika Jørgensen

Scarab Signet Ring - with Diamonds

Scarab Signet Ring - with Diamonds

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This version of the scarab signet ring is made of 18k yellow gold with 20 diamonds (or gems of your choice) circling the face. It can be inscribed with the initials, crest or numbers of your choice. The scarab beetles on the side reference my childhood memories of collecting turquoise Egyptian scarab beetle replicas from the Louvre gift shop with my brother over the years. In ancient Egypt, the scarab was used as a good luck charm that especially protected the heart, also symbolizing regeneration and rebirth. More recently, the Swiss psychoanalist Carl Jung evoked the scarab beetle as a motif of synchronicity in his groundbreaking book on the topic. 

To customize the face engraving on this item, please make a note in the order of the initials, number or symbol you would like.  

Please note that there is a 4-6 week lead time on all our items.

Made with care in Toronto, Canada.

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